jevanses said: I can send you old vidjas because I have been instructed to halt pressing by the PT until my tendinitis chills. My grip was quite wide, hands just outside my shoulders. I would strongly doubt that my form was healthful.

Ya, definitely send me the old vidjas so I can see….

So, you’re kind of a big deal and this is amazing.  Thank you.

This is all I got, from two years ago right before my bicep head tendinitis started.  My start looks like pic C.  I can already see problems from reading your post, but I certainly never “activated” my shoulder at lockout.  I also know from x-rays that my acromion type is 1, so that’s nice.




Is it bad that I seriously have to refrain from openly laughing at some people working out at my gym?

This is just ridiculous Im convinced they have no idea what they’re doing

We all started somewhere. I used to quarter squat in the smith machine. It’s okay, with time we learn.

I just submitted a meet report to reddit including the full meet vidja.  

I was tagged a few times in the “six pictures I love” thing, but in light of my recent performance at USAPL Raw Nationals (full meet write-up coming soon) I decided to pick ones featuring some of the folks who have been so incredibly supportive on my journey.  I know I missed a shitload of people and I’m sorry.  And #sorrynotsorry six isn’t enough.  In no particular order:

1.  Kat, sophrosyneandlift, I love you.  I can’t.  You are probably my loudest and most ardent supporter, and I know we will grow together and go so far.

2.  Annie, bikesbrainsbetterliving, my veg*n comrade-in-arms, and the rest of team ILPL (HI SERGIO!), you make my sessions fun and something to truly look forward to, even when my lifting isn’t going so well.

3.  Neeeaaaaa.  She probably won’t read this but she is a fighter and so strong, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

4.  Dicy (dicy132)!  Beautiful inside and out.  Your hard work and progress is inspiring.  And I didn’t get a picture, but Shelby (shelby-52kg), you were a joy to meet and I really hope to see you again in the future.

5.  SARA (fulltimeillin) (and Cob, I guess, he who doesn’t even blog haha).  You’re always there for me for all of the doing of things.  I CAN’T.  I love you.

6.  TEAM ILPL: ‘NUFF SAID!!  But most especially, besides those mentioned already, Jeff, Joe, Frank, and Austin.  Y’all were there via the interwebs cheering me on watching the stream.  I love you guys.

7.  Danielle (missdeejers), you were a bulk of the inspiration that got me here in the first place several years ago.  Thank you for all of your support on my meet day, and telling me to sit down and breathe!  

8.  And lastly, my family, who cheer me on and come watch my meets, no matter where they are, from the very beginning.  And to my Gary, who puts up with all my lifting shenanigans, I love you.

If my descriptions seem short it’s because I can’t write more without uncontrollably crying.  My heart is so full.

Went 3/3 on bench, ending at a slow but solid 65 kg as Jen Thompson herself looks on! Aaahhhh!! #powerlifting #bench #usapl #rawnats


Don’t forget that this is a thing that happened.


dicy132 is an incredible and super strong person you guys.  Until next time!!


Don’t forget that this is a thing that happened.


dicy132 is an incredible and super strong person you guys. Until next time!!

140 kg 2nd attempt. I got 145 kgs maybe an inch off the ground. Next time! #deadlift #usapl #rawnats

7/9, not too bad. I got stapled by a pull I am probably good for soon but I finally hit a 65 kg bench with a decent pause. Totaled 135+65+140 = 340 kg at 67.35 kg bodyweight. Next year!

Went 2/3 on squats, but damn if I didn’t nail my 2nd here at 297 lbs. I gambled with 314 lbs and lost. #powerlifting #usapl #rawnats #squat

Weighed in 67.35 kg, just a hair under the 148 class 67.5 kg cutoff. Nice.