Doing a depth, 245 lb 3x3. Maybe I shouldn’t go quite so low next time…

Unpopular opinion?



If you feel the need to respond to or acknowledge anon hate, you should probably turn anon off.

Yup. This is why I turned it off. 

cut progress || defibrillator

Now that I can even lift it’s time to get back on the gentle cutting bandwagon so I can hit 63 kgs (= 138.89 lbs) for raw nationals in July.  I sort of figured I gained weight this past month in eating “at will” and my limited function in the gym, but the devastation wasn’t as traumatic as I anticipated.  I weighed myself this morning and was at 147.2 lbs, a full two pounds under my first week’s average from January when I began my cut.  I won’t know if this is representative until I have a week’s worth of averages but it’s a good sign, and means I have about 8.4 pounds to take care of in some fashion prior to weigh-ins in… 3 months from now.  Whoa, nelly.

At a rate of 0.5-lb/week, I have the potential to drop 6 pounds between now and then, which is honestly just perfect; I wouldn’t have to dehydrate for a 2-hr weigh in with that.  I’ll know more what I have to do when the end of June rolls around and I have an average weight for that time.  I started yesterday, easily nailing my macros with 2300 kcal and 150 g protein.

0.5 lb/week is really ideal, as it’s the only rate of cut with which I can actually get stronger on my bench, whereas more weight might start to adversely affect my progress (but I’d stress less later).  Worst case, if things go awry and I don’t hit my goals, and if I am too far by the time June rolls around, I’ll ring up the meet director and move up to 72 kgs.  Obviously this would suck as I probably couldn’t eat enough to even gain 5 lbs between now and then if I really tried, but I can still try for the 370 Wilks goal.  And I can not worry about weighing in because there is no way I can gain enough to struggle hitting 158 lbs.

Back at it, let’s do this!


I haven’t been able to buy jeans that fit decently in many, many years. May give a try on these - check it out and share if you squat and deadlift and can’t find jeans that fit!!

Except the highest women’s waist size offered is 30 inches.  Sorry that my core is too fucking swole for these silly little jeans.  *actually crying on the inside*



Reconsidering my opposition to the death penalty after watching these two dudes bench shirtless and (mineral) oiled up on the one good bench

For those who were curious: they were shooting some videos for a final project. They also jumped rope on a deadlift platform. And yes, only their deaths can make this right.

Man if that forza is ruined after that stunt… like to go planet fitness, I’m trying to fucking train over here.

They just posted the Wilks qualifier for the Arnold 2015; 370 for the ladies this year.  That’s 25 more points than for 2014!  If I make weight at nationals (not looking good, sadly), at exactly 138.8 lb, I’d need a 760 lb total for that Wilks.  At full health it (was) at about 732 lbs, 292/132/308 lbs.  I am pretty sure I can get 5 more kilos on squat, and at least 2.5 kilos for bench (I can already double 132 lbs, fully paused).  Gotta find 5 more kilos somewhere; it’s up in the air if I can get my deadlift up to snuff in time.  We shall see, it will be an exhilarating and somewhat stressful few months ahead.

Tonight I will have a pissed off, rage-fueled fucking frustrated bench session, the broad trigger being graduate school (not research or teaching, but the fucking politics, man!!  fuckin’ POLITICS!).  Followed up by some soothing rotator cuff and SI PT, which has become a nice “cool down” ritual post-lifts.  Even though it takes like an hour haha.

But first I am enjoying the weather, it’s 60 F out there right now and overcast, goddamn. 

Above, set 1 of 235 lb 3x3.

My PT session went really well today and we had some time leftover to check out my hip real quick.  The long and short of it is, it isn’t actually my hip flexor, but one of the smaller muscles nestled underneath it in the upper/near groin part of my leg, that is causing the problems.  She said it’s a small little guy and it’s so deep it’ll be difficult to heat or ice.  She showed me how to massage it out and I did some work with that between squat sets, but she also mentioned it’s probably fine to squat.  So I did.  

I began gzcl’s programming once again, this time doing it the “real” way, starting with the intro, and programming my long term regular training in a non-psychotic 3-hours-of-volume-per-session maze of insanity.  The protocol is really easy to follow and I like how often I’ll be doing singles and close to maximal rep work.

Glad squats went so well after a really depressing day at work.  I am finding more and more how there appears to be an innate attitude of superiority that professors carry over graduate students, despite the services we provide the department outside of academics.  It’s frustrating and I’m feeling like a cog.

My shoulder eval is tomorrow.  I can’t fucking contain the excite.  My two biggest injury problems that have plagued my lifting the last at least year and a half are actively being fixed.  Fucking can’t.

Thinking about taking the workweek days off from squatting or deadlifting, even though the latter does not seem to affect my hip.  The car ride I took to and from my parents’ place, a solid 11 hours total, tweaked my hip and it hasn’t felt right since.  I think allowing it to rest a bit more will alleviate my current pressing symptoms; I’ll be chomping at the bit but it’s OK.  If I’ve learned anything, taking a few days/a week off for an injury does far more for future progress than trying to work through it overzealously.  The strength loss is minimal in comparison to the healing.  Fortunately, for snapping hip syndrome, as it seems I have, the therapeutic exercises are similar as for my sacroiliac, perhaps with more emphasis on the IT-band. 

Tomorrow is my shoulder evaluation with my fabulous therapist.  I’m nervous about what she’ll find, but excited for my future.  If I have as much success with my shoulder as I’ve had with my SI therapy, I can look forward to many years of uninterrupted benching and pressing.

I also started doing some of the final phase/advanced therapy techniques my PT taught me on our final day, to give me plenty of room to grow as my stabilizers and laterals improve.  This includes using the bosu for one-legged balance squishy-side up, side planks with crossovers on the ball, and bosu ball squats with crossover weight (yes, I do squats on the bosu ball, haters gon hate).  The final step are bosu ball (squishy side up) bird dogs with “crossovers” — bringing my active arm and leg across my body’s center of gravity, parallel to the floor.  I still can’t do it but I can’t wait until I do.  I’m thinking I need to invest in some bosu balls, but damn if I don’t kind of enjoy doing my PT at the gym; it makes it feel more effective for whatever reason.